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Paypal Standard message "redirecting to payment provider"


Paypal Standard message "redirecting to payment provider"

  • Paypal Standard message "redirecting to payment provider"
  • Hi,
    We are trying to implement the new Paypal Standard payment method.  Once they leave our cart there is a page displayed that says "redirecting to payment provider" .  Can this message be changed? How? Where.  Customers don't like to see messages telling they are being redirected somewhere, it makes them nervous.  I believe a more "comforting" message could be displayed. 
    We use Paypal now in our Able commerce software and they don't show any messages like that, is really necessary?
  • Hi Foodsleuth,

    Thank you for using Sitefinity!

    You can change this message in the Sitefinity back-end via the Administration -> Labels & Messages screen. The label you are searching for is "OffsitePaymentRedirect".

    I hope this will help you.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Foodsleuth,

    This delay is due to the communication held between your Sitefinity installation and the PayPal servers. Usually, it shouldn't take more that 2-3 seconds. As it can't be avoided, a common approach is to show a message saying that the redirect is going to happen.

    You can remove the entire message by changing the default one with a single whitespace character. Then your customers will see a blank page.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you, that's great.   Why is there such a long delay which creates the need for displaying a message like that.  I use paypal a lot for paying online and I've never seen a big delay moving off to paypal.
  • Thanks.. Not sure a big blank page in the middle of a shopping experience is the best solution.  Is it possible just to show the last checkout page until the paypal screen shows?
  • Hello Foodsleuth,

    Currently the problem is the webforms. You see paypal wants a form to be posted to them. However WebForms in order to work usually on each page you have a form tag like : 

    <form method="post" action="" id="aspnetForm">

    We cannot change and send this form to paypal because it contains a lot of fields and data that as for us and our postbacks and not for paypal. Also some IE versions don't support nested forms and it is not recommended using nested forms or anything like that so what we currently do the following: on a blank page with no controls and nothing we print the form for paypal and we submit it right away. However because paypal sandbox is extremely slow you see a blank page for 3-4 seconds and because we didn't wanted the client to think everything got stuck we print this message.

    This is a message also printed by some competitors. Some ecommerces and website doesnt print such a message because they first dont use and second on the client side they already have this form populated and waiting you to click SUBMIT so they send this exact form to paypal without a trip to the server to populate things like payment method url, bussines email and etc.

    About your other question why do not redirect when you click PLACE ORDER. Well same reason because we already have a form and we cannot have a second form inside this form to send to paypal.

    We will think about a different solution for future versions.

  • Whenever I've used paypal standard with webforms I just built a url and redirect to it, no form submission, and it's fast. Sounds like it's a sitefinity thing on postback?
  • Yes James,
    currently we are processing and creating the request on the postback via the current payment providers functionality and etc. 
    So since in the request we need the order id that is created ones you hit place order button on the postback we are creating the payment request with the just created order id and so on and then we send the actual call to the payment processor and since you are in the postback if we use a direct paypal payment, eway, and etc we are making a backend http call. However if we use worldpay and paypal we do the form submission thing. But all this processing is happening on the postback indeed before you click the place order we dont have order and anything related to it.

    A big refactoring will require a creation of the payment ones you choose the payment method and actually placing the order to make just "pay now" and then it can work without this message and postback and so on.

    Keep in mind our widgets are made to show how Sitefinity ecommerce works and that you can create a fast ecommerce site using them even if you are not a developer. If you do need big customization of the customer experience we have an API so you can implement your own widget for almost any task even the checkout(if something is missing let us know).
    The one step checkout on the github example ( is upgraded for 6.2 so you can use it as foundation of your widget.