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Recurring Payments

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  • Hi,

     Can Sitefinity eCommerce handle recurring payments automatically?

     I'm looking to develop a site that provides services to customers but will charge a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee where the value is based on the packages they have selected.

     For example :

    Service A = £100 / month
    Service B = £50 / month
    Service C = £10 / month

    If the users selects services A + C then I want to charge a monthly fee of £110.

    The ability to offer discounts such as 10% is they opt to pay upfront for an entire year would be nice.

     Is this possible with Sitefinity and SagePay out of the box?

    Many thanks,


  • Reading your documentation it states that Sitefinity eCommerce integrates with Sage Pay.

    So... looking at Sage Pay it states that they provide "Continuous Authority Payments" for recurring goods and services.

    See sage pay website

     Does Sitefinity provide a way to link in with the Sage Pay API for continuous (recurring) payments?

    I've also been looking at Braintree as a viable option for recurring payments.
    They appear to have an excellent .net API.
    Have you ever considered integrating the Braintree API into Sitefinity eCommerce?

     Many thanks,


  • Hello Robert,

    For now recurring payments functionality is not available out of the box. We have already logged a Feature request for this functionality in our feedback portal. Please check the following link where you can track the status for this feature.

    Implement recurring payments for sitefinity ecommerce

    I have consulted with our dev team about your next question. There are no plans to integrate Braintree API with Sitefinity Ecommerce module for our next major release. You can check the following documentation article which might be helpful.

    Creating a new payment method

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  • Thank you Kaloyan.

    Recurring payments will be fundamental to my next project. 
    I'm going to have to find an alternative solution.

     Many thanks for getting back to me,


  • Hi Robert,

    Did you found a workaround for this?


  • Hi Dan,

    I didn't continue looking into this sorry.

    I've decided to build my own system using MVC4 from scratch instead of Sitefinity.
    Braintree have good .net api support/documentation but I haven't got to that part yet.