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Advice on choosing ecommerce


Advice on choosing ecommerce

  • Advice on choosing ecommerce
  • Hello,

    Is it efficient to use the ecommerce module for a ticketing system?

    In our application the company will add employees and buy tickets for them. 


    Thank you, 


  • Hi Maria,

    I am not sure how efficient it will be with your ticketing system. But keep in mind, that Sitefinity still don't have Feather widgets for ecommerce.

  • Hi and thank you for your answer!

    How does the fact that Sitefinity doesn't have Feather widgets impact the implementation?


    I mean as i told you, we want to be able to let employees buy tickets for events, and i think that tickets should be defined as products in ecommerce. Is is a better way to do that? 


    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    I am having 6+ years of experience in E-commerce.

    According to the number of products you are planning to put in your website OR depends on the database. We can select any E-commerce CMS (Woo-commerce, Magento, Shopify etc)

    Example: - If you are planning for 10K products Woo-commerce is good.   If you are planning for more products or multi-vender Its better to go for Magento.

    I can give you advantages and disadvantages or comparison of each CMS you have in your mind and can help you select best according to your requirement.  

    You can contact me anytime for my help.
    I would love to help you.