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Shopping cart and Log in - don't want bamboo


Shopping cart and Log in - don't want bamboo

  • Shopping cart and Log in - don't want bamboo
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    When I am shopping but not logged in, I can see the the contents of my shopping cart, but when I click on Checkout, I am redirected to the backend login page (with the bamboo image) and then back to the checkout process..... first this looks bad as it down't follow the site style at all, and not also this:

    Actually, I just did this, and ran into this problem in the screenshot.

    I had it earlier this weekend and couldn't figure it out. I'm tried creating my own shipping methods and deleting them, and editing the already working test-UPS settings, and somehow it started working again. Anyways, can you change the login page that you are sent to from the checkout? I will try to figure out how to make shipping work again.

  • Shipping is already calculated somehow but still gives me an error????
  • Hello Eric,

    You can change the login page by changing the checkout widget's LoginUrl property. This property can be used to redirect users of the Ecommerce system to your own login page, this can be found at CheckoutWidget->Edit->Advanced->LoginUrl

    Also let us know if you still having issues with shipping.

    Kind regards,
    Venkata Koppaka
    the Telerik team
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  • Thank you for showing me where the login URL was. I'll try to reproduce the shipping bug if I can, but I think it had something to do with individual items and shipability breaking inside them. Its really really annoying.

  • I create a website about kitchens and I used the WordPress format. I know that it isn't the smartest  or the safest environment, but it worked great for me. I'm sure that you can understand a lot more from its source code page.
  • Yup