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  • Hello everybody,
    Has anyone used the sample checkout widget from to perform a checkout?
    I keep receiving the following error: 
    We apologize but products in your cart are no longer available.   Please continue shopping.
    I have a payment method defined for PayPal PayFlowPro with the test account settings.
    Thanks in advance
  • Because your data CartOrder and CartOrderDetail not found or Cookies CardOrderID don't change when you add product to shopping cart . Please check again data in 2 table
    P/s :  PayPal PayFlowPro Method just agree payment with credit card . if you want authentication from paypal with email and password . You should use API of Paypal
  • Nguyen, I hope you're still following these posts and remember your answer for this. I'm having the same issue, but don't understand your answer. 
    1. CartOrder and CartOrderDetail not found
    2. Cookies CartOrderID don't change

    Why in number 2 would your CartOrderID need to change?