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Limited libraries in new 11 UI for image selector

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Limited libraries in new 11 UI for image selector

  • There appears to be no way to view more libraries in the image selector modal when editing an item that belongs to the new content editing experience.

    When clicking to add/edit a custom field of type related media on  News items we are presented with the new image selection modal that defaults to showing recent images.  There is an option to view libraries, but I am finding this experience quite lacking for a couple reasons that I will list below.  

    1.)  Library names do not show up in results.  I believe a good chunk of users would expect to see both libraries and images that match their search sequence.  if not on the default "recent" screen then certainly on the libraries screen.

    2.) Only a limited subset of libraries are shown when opting to view libraries in this modal.  There is no visible indication to load more libraries and finding a configuration that affects how these load has not been successful so far.

    I have tried changing settings on AlbumsBackend found in the Settings > Advanced > Libraries section.  It does not appear these are being utilized for this interface.

    Is there a configuration somewhere that we are able to set how libraries are loaded on this screen?

    We need to be able to offer our client the ability to get to all their libraries in a performant manor that does not change on the Content > Images screens work.

  • Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for sharing your troubles with the community.

    It is quite obvious miss on product side to not lookup library title in the search along with media titles.

    On the second suggestion good point as well, this shall be escalated to the UX team, how to improve the library subset representation especially for when there are a lot of sub-libraries.

    Both are great suggestions. It will be best to submit such issues, that block your usage of the product, via the support channel as this is the fastest way to escalate those to development teams. You can also get familiar with our full feedback and bug fixing policy here.

    The community forums are intended for community self help and your case may not get the proper attention here.

    All the best,