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    I installed a standard version,

    According to there is only predefind workflows.

    a) incorrect
    b) the 3rd option should not be shown
    c) the 3rd option is something different and once again I dont understand it.

    If c) is the case could it be used to set up a 4-eyes workflow.  3 users in editor roles but can not publish own changes?

    Regards Markus

    PS: the button UI is not correct.
  • I relly think you should integrate a 4-eye workflow.

    Standard Edtions 5 concurrent users -> I really think this is enough.

    So you have a company up to 40 people maybe and you would probably still only have 2-3 people working on the site.

    With this workflow you need to assign 2 to author and 1 to editor.

    What happens if the editor is sick?

    SF really needs a out-of the box 4-eyes system.

    If you set an editor role as approvers its the same as Allow admin to skip the workflow. editor approve there changes imeediately.

  • Hi Mark,

    Please accept my belated Season Greetings! 

    In regards to why the custom workflow option is available in the standard edition - this is an omission on our part and this will no longer be the case with the next release.

    Having a 4-eye workflow is logged to the list of tasks to consider for future implementations in workflow. I have brought it to the attention of decision makers in the team.

    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Kalina

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I sure was hoping for the 4-eyes workflow. If Telerik would just have the small businesses more in minde. Not every SF users has a 20 people marketing staff working on the web to have enough people in each role.

    Workflow is without the 4-eyes principle is simply unusable (let's not say usless) where you have 2 or 3 people working on a web site.

    So I sure hope the discitions maker will put the small business cap on and think about it.

    Having heard so many times how new and flexible SF 4.0 architecture is it should not be to hard to implement.

    Would really be an improvment over 3.7.