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  • I have noticed a couple of issues regarding templates. The first issue is in regards to renaming a template. I had created a new template based off of a master page. I wanted to later change the name of the template and when I did, it removed the association with the master page. This was a big issue as I had already setup the theme and had added content to the containers. I finally just went into the DB and made the changes manually so that I could get my template back.

    Edit: I see someone just beat me to my first issue. (post)

    The second issue that I found was in relation to the auto-sizing of columns when using the layout feature for a template. I added a 67% + 37% layout element and went in to change the properties of the sizing. I changed the type from % to px. I then went to the spacing and added a padding to the left side of the "37%" column. (50px) When I go back to the sizes section, the sizes do not get adjusted. The size for one of the columns should be adjusted per the new padding. Otherwise it will blow out the template since it does not take into consideration of the added spacing. I found a post in which it appears you are able to break the auto-sizing, but when I click on "Change auto-sized column", save and then go back, nothing seems to have changed. Per the video, it seems that you could break the auto-size. We either need to be able to break the auto-size or the auto-size needs to take into consideration the padding when it sets the size.
  • Ok, so the second issue was not really an issue just a mis-understanding of how the html elements where done. When setting the left side, the scripting just figures out the remaining space for that container and these elements have a class of sf_colsOut. When you add padding, that is applied to another html element inside the sf_colsOut element and this element has a class of sf_colsIn. This is where I was getting mixed up. I thought it was one html element with the width and padding applied to it.