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Migration from 3.7SP4 to 4.0 loses page extensions

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Migration from 3.7SP4 to 4.0 loses page extensions

  • Migration from 3.7SP4 to 4.0 loses page extensions
  • We upgraded using the migration tool from 3.7SP4 to 4.0 (build 1098) and all of our .aspx page extensions have gone. Furthermore, the SF admin interface does not accept page names ending in ".aspx".

    Is this a bug? Why would Telerik release a migration tool or a major version of Sitefinity that screws up page names?
  • I very much prefer exensionless urls, but yeah...you should probably have a handler do some 303 redirect handling to not hose any google links, sucks but ultimately looks a lot more elegant than .aspx :)

    If your structure is 100% the same you could maybe even just set the handler to strip the .aspx (if thats where the request is going) which would be super easy to do.

  • Steve, I agree with you but the point is that 4.0 is supposed to be RTM. How/why would Telerik expect customers with existing websites to upgrade to 4.0 and lose their page extensions? All of a website's search engine juice, gone, poof, just like that.

    I'm really hoping they fix this soon, it's not acceptable to screw with a website's page extensions. I would have loved the option to turn off extensions on a case-by-case basis but I don't want anyone but my team making that call.
  • Well if the structure is the same (sitemap) and the only real difference is the .aspx then if you just implement the simple handler with a 303 reponse, the search engines will start updating themselves :)  No poofyness needs to happen :)

    Who knows, perhaps one will be added to the migration tool...maybe consider this a feature request?
  • Hello Embrace,

    Actually in one of the latest internal builds we removed the validation from the url field, so there would not be a problem to add .aspx extension to the pages.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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