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  • Is the ResourceLinks control suppose to have the ability to compress the files output as one file? The control has a property, DisableCompression, that I would assume allows you to choose whether or not you want the files to be compressed or not. When I peeked at the code for this control, I found that the DisableCompression is hardcoded to true. Therefore not allowing us to set this when the control is used.

    I was wanting to be able to specify stylesheets and javascript files to be compressed and rendered as one file. Since there have been many reports of having issues with javascript files and jquery plugins not functioning unless they reference is made at the bottom of the page, it is hard to use the ScriptManager or RadScriptManager to combine the files. If the ResouceLinks control will allow compression or at least combining, that would be helpful.

    I have temporarily created a handler that will do this, but I was just wondering if this was something that the ResouceLinks control is suppose to do out of the box.

  • Hi Richard Baugh,

    Script combining and compression is already available in Sitefinity based on RadScriptManager and RadStyleSheetManager. You can use a master page with RadScriptManager and configure it the way it will fit your needs best - you can choose if you want combining and compression.

    The other option is to to use a 3rd party compression tool like and integrate it as an MSBuild task. This will save some processor power because the compression will be already done.

    the Telerik team