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inline editing overwrites template

  • inline editing overwrites template
  • Couldn't find anything in forums on this but I have some content in my template so that it shows up on all pages.
    When viewing one of these pages from the front end with the editing tools showing, I am able to go in and edit this content.  Should that be since it is content placed on the template? I don't think content from the template should be editable from the page view with the editing tools...?
  • Hi Laura,

    I checked this with the latest internal release and content added by a control which is dropped on your template cannot be edited on a page level. The Browse and Edit tool opens a new window to the same page, but in edit mode. Can you edit the same content if you go to Pages and get the page for editing? If you can do this, please verify whether the control is added to your template.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
  • 251443_2-21-2011-10-54-29-AM.jpg
    From within the backend, no I can not edit the content dropped on a template which is working correctly. Only when viewing the site from the front end while logged in and clicking on the "Tools" button.  I added a screenshot.  Maybe this was fixed already in the internal builds.
  • Hello Laura,

    Ok, when you have Browse and Edit permissions set for a given role/user you can edit controls on a page and pages that are added to a template. The Browse and Edit gets all controls and it does not make a difference whether the control is inside the template or on a page level. This is the behavior by design.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team