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Images Show as Broken

  • Images Show as Broken
  • Using 4.0.1098 on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.  The site runs just fine and is configured according to the instructions.

    When I upload a file to the images library (either Default Album or a self created album named Logos) the image appears to upload ok.  BUT, when I look at it in the library or try to add it to a page it shows up as broken.

    And, when I try to browse to the address for the image I get a 404 error for file doesn't exist.

    Weird thing is that I have a 4.0.1098 site on Windows 2008 with IIS 7 and the images piece works fine.

    The application pool identity has full access to the app_data folder.

    Here is a link to one of the images:

    Anyone with any ideas?
  • Hi Dale,

    The issue seems related to missing handler mappings for the image extensions. Please make sure that you have handler mappings added to IIS.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
  • Ivan, you are correct.  I had all of the Silverlight mappings but completely missed the mapping for the aspnet_isapi.  Once I added it we were good to go.