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  • Custom control properties window
  • Hi,

    I am dropping one of my custom built controls onto a page. I click Edit, the Properties Window comes up. I click into a field to edit it but the click does not register. The cursor changes as I hover over the text-field but when I click into the field it does not work.

    I then publish the page, come back to it and then it works. It is something I have not seen before. And it happens intermittently. It happened on Sitefinity controls as well.

    Many thanks,
  • If you use firebug...any javascript errors?
  • Steve,

    I do not have FireBug. I know it is strongly recommended. I tried to download it the other day
    but was having issues downloading it. Did you get it from 

    I turned off the Project Manager and invoked it from VS2010. Now it works fine.
    Very strange... Its difficult to know what is the IE8, what is Sitefinity, etc. at the moment.

    I will keep you posted.

    Many thanks,
  • Glad it's working...but I should mention :)

    Get Firefox 3.6 then visit the firefox plugin page (using firefox) to download

    You'll CSS about 9000x faster (underestimating), and the YSlow plugin from yahoo...OH MY GOD awesome too
  • Well,

    I switched back to the Project Manager and the fault has returned.
    Funny how in debug mode it is working but through the Project Manager
    is not.

  • It seems to be another IE8 thing because in Chrome it is working fine.