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Creating a Page: Special Character at end

  • Creating a Page: Special Character at end
  • Hi there,

    If I create a page called "Who are we?" the url automatically gets created as "/who-are-we-"  I understand that the ? needs to be removed from the URL as it's best not to have special characters and in this case ? is used for defining query strings, however I really don't think the url should have a trailing hyphen either. This isn't user friendly and I'm sure it's not the best for SEO.

    There are also a number of other places where the auto correcting of the url has problems, if you have "Company - About" for your menu text the url will get created as "/company---about", again not ideal.

  • Hi Phill Hodgkinson,

    Thanks for your suggestions, we'll try to improve this functionality in the future releases. Regarding the dashes vs spaces - having urls with spaces is not the best option because many browsers will escape the space with %20 so instead of having "my page" you'll get "my%20page" which is not that readable. In terms of SEO usually the search engines will count the dash and the space equally.
    You can also change the Url (it is located under the Name field) when you create the page to fit exactly to your SEO strategy.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team