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Application name changes after DB restore

  • Application name changes after DB restore
  • Hi Ivan,

    I have created project on Sitefinity4.0, the project name is application name in Database,

    My requirement is, I want to give Database backup of Sitefinity4.0 in installer which restores that Database. But application name may be different then previous one, and after restore it replace the appliction name. 

    In Sitefinity 3.7 we didn’t had application name in any table, so we were not facing problem in giving DB backup.

    Do really need application name in table?

    If I remove application name from table, will sitefinity project manager work?

    Please give me solution how give backup without application name. or application name should be same that i have created (ie project name) after restore.

  • Hi Rashmi,

    Unfortunately, I can't understand your problem. Regarding the application name, Sitefinity 4.0 behaves in the same way as v3.7. How the application name could be related to the database backup and restore!? It is just a data and cannot be different after restoring the database.

    The application name is used by the data provider to identify its records. If you set an application name to a provider, this provider will work only with records with this application name. If the application name is not set, a default application name will be used. The default application name is generated by the ProjectName from the Project configuration (ProjectConfig.config) and '/'. The project name is initially the name specified when creating a new project in the ProjectManager.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team