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Events Widget Error Message(4.1)

  • Events Widget Error Message(4.1)
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    Just installed the 4.1 upgrade. I could not get any of my pages which had the events widget on it to open. I created a new page and placed the events module there. I set all my settings for upcoming events, newest date first, set the templates. Saved fine.
    When I click edit, I get the following alert message (see attached image).

    Anyone have any ideas what this means? It seems everything works despite the message.
  • Hello Robert Schnarrs,

    We performed a test on our side, but we cannot reproduce the problem with events widgets. Do you experience the same behavior under all Browsers? Could you please reset your application and  check if the problem exists? The next steps would be to get your project locally or to give us an access to the problematic website back-end.

    About the alert message: There is logged a similar issue while using Lists module and the alert message is shown only under FF. Do you get the same error when you are dealing with all types of content?

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

  • Hello Sonya,
    I am going to open a ticket with the files attached for your team to look at our project as it seems there are a couple issues here.
    - Amanda
  • Hi Amanda Shafer,

    We are closing this thread and will check the support ticket as soon as possible.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team