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  • Hello Team,

    we are using Sitefinity 5.0, there we have created a small application demo for E commerce.
    we have some doubts,
    1. how we can insert  product information from our own database to the Product list.
    2. After adding Products to the Shopping Cart, during the Checkout Process, how we can use our own code and design for Payment. because we have created our own DLL and interface that support multiple gateways for the Payment.
    Because Sitefinity supports only three gateways. so we want to modify that.
    Please help us as asap.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Hey Ankit,

    1. Have you seen this thread with full code sample on how to fill the product database automatically ?
    2. Have you read this thread regarding post purchasing hooks in eCommerce?

    With kind regards,
  • HI  Jochem,

    Thanks a lot for your Support.
    Is this possible to fetch the Product list from our Database without updating the Sitefinity Database.?
    and also If i want any other dll for Payment process after shipping and to save the record on our database instead of Sitefinity, how can i use that?
     If you have any demo or a solution please send us.

    Thanks and Regards
    Ankit Rastogi

  • Hey Ankit,

    Not entirely sure if I understand your question " Is this possible to fetch the Product list from our Database without updating the Sitefinity Database... 

    Yes of course it's possible, you can create a custom control, drop a data source on it and render it out on a grid, but that doesn't make 'your' products 'sitefinity' products. If you want to have products that can work with the shoppingcart and checkout process, you'll need to import them so they'll correctly register as 'sitefinity' products.

    With regards to your dll as a payment provider there are 3 routes:

    1) Modify your .dll so it'll match the Sitefinity provider system and afterwards sell it on the marketplace.

    2) You could break open the current checkout/provider system and inherit from it, insert your new logic to match the .dll and build a custom checkout control to take the new .dll into account (which will cost you tons of hours to test with each upgrade)

    3) Settle for the low budget/no time solution and use either the pre-processing hook (introduced in v5) or the post processing hook. Personally I'd opt in this case for the 'post' by creating an 'offline payment method'. And then on the redirect page (which you can set in the checkout widget) insert your custom code to use the dll.

    I'm always in favor of not prying open a working system so I'd choose either option 1 or 3, depending on the budget and how serious you guys are with future Sitefinity projects....

  • Hi Jochem,
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    After a break to Ecommerce we are now again back to Ecommerce.
    Till Now, we are able to fetch the Product list from our Database successfully as told by you and we have modified the ProductList template as per our requirement. But we are still not able to Integrate our custom payment Usercontrol and dll.
    As you told us the three possible Steps,
    when we try to Create New Payment Processor for payment to use our custom code for Payment while registering it at backend Settings gives an Error:
    The following required properties are not set: viewprovidertype.
    we follow the same steps as given on link :

    Please Help us asap.
    Ankit Rastogi
  • 357167_PaymentError.PNG
    Hi Jochem,

    I got the solution to register the new payment processor, but after adding the Custom Payment Processor, when we got to Create new Payment Method or try to open the existing Payment Method then it gives an Error shown in attachment.
    Please help us asap.
  • Hello,

    Would it possible for you to open up a support ticket so we can better assist you with implementing the custom payment processor?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Grace Hallwachs
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Grace Hallwachs

    I have opened the support ticket.