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Making your own css theme breaks page editor

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Making your own css theme breaks page editor

  • Making your own css theme breaks page editor
  • I made custom template based on my own .master file and made my own css theme on it.
    After that all my page editor breaks and I can't edit dragged items anyway, because edit button is unreachable for me.

    I guess it's breaking, because I made fixed size of my page. So in .master file I have

    <div class="page">

    And in CSS part I gave fixed width to page.


        margin:0 auto;

    P.S. I am working with Sitefinity 5.0.

    Why can I solve this weird issue?

    P.S. I am working with Sitefinity P.S. I am working with Sitefinity 
  • Vahe,

    The CSS that you're using for your theme affects all elements in the browser. If you have something that conflicts, you'll need to remove it or add something that will "fix" it while in the page editor.

    .myclass background-color: red;
    .sfPageWrapper .myclass background: none;

  • Hello Vahe,

    As Tim properly pointed out, your css declaration affects the page editor, because you're setting your styles to the body, and the backend html is located inside the body. I would recommend you to set your styles to the.sfPageWrapper  class, since the div with class .sfPageWrapper  wraps all your front-end content.

    All the best,
    Jen Peleva
    the Telerik team
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