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Single Webpage not loading css on IE. (Other browsers fine)

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Single Webpage not loading css on IE. (Other browsers fine)

  • Single Webpage not loading css on IE. (Other browsers fine)
  • Okay well removing and re-applying the template worked but only for a couple of hours, it has now been lost again.
  • Dear Laurance

    Can you link us to the page. Did you use a tool like to see if you might get 404 on some css?


    We have previously used similar tools yes... and nothing of the sort was flagged.
  • Dear Laurence

    Could it be an https:// issue?

    Your links go to <link href="../../App_Themes/SavilleDefault/Global/IT.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

    My links go to <link href="/Sitefinity/WebsiteTemplates/grandag/App_Themes/global/minimized.css?v=634980037857611250" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

    How did you add the .css manually or with using the theme on the template?

    Could it be an www.saville or savill... 301 issue.

    Sorry that I am not able to help but this might be fresh ideas.

  • I have requested assistance from Telerik also. I just find forums is sometimes quicker at getting back to me.

    The .css was applied to the theme on the template.

    I don't believe it is a 301 error as the other browsers are not experiencing the error only IE9

    Thank you for your help. Fresh ideas are always helpful.

  • Hi there, 

    This morning one of my colleagues was browsing our website in IE9. She came across one page that had seemed to have lost all of its css and was only picking up the /Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd but none of the other .css files that were linked to the template. Thus making the page look horrible and very unprofessional. 

    Every other page we viewed in IE was working correctly. And the page with the issue was working fine in Chrome and Firefox.

    I did a bit of back end research into the issue to find that everything was correct and nothing out of the ordinary when it came to the template, title/properties and security etc.

    I have fixed the issue now by removing the template (Which was successfully applied anyway) and re-applying it to the page. (Which concerns me as it must be yet another issue with sitefinity...)

    This issue on this page could potentially have been like that all weekend and maybe for even longer than we think. All it takes is for one high profile potential client to visit that broken page for all the work we’ve done in getting them there to be completely undone in an instant. Not acceptable.

    Does anyone know or have any experience with this before?
  • Was this issue ever resolved? I am experiencing the same issues described with my company's website.
  • Do you have cache profiles setup?

    I had the same IE issues, removed the css stuff defined in that post and it was working fine again
  • Hi Guys, we thought it automatically fixed itself as it hasn't happened again until this morning, on the same page. 

    Thanks, Steve, I will try this remedy and let you guys know if it works.