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Search results not correct ...

  • Search results not correct ...
  • I'm my website I have a product on my ecommerce catalog that is called Anatomía.

    If I do a search for "anat" "anato" "anatomia" it doesn't show any results.
    If I search for the exact keyword "Anatomía" with accent it shows the results.

    So I was wondering: does the search in sitefinity doesnt index partial words?
    Should I know the exact word for the book I'm looking for?
    If I want results like anatomias anatomic etc what should I do?
    And finally ... why it has to be with an exact accent (í) to find it?

    you can try the search on

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    Sitefinity uses Lucene to do the search and as a result the partial search match is not done automatically. In order to do a partial search match * needs to be appended to the search term. You can easily test it on your website by searching for anat* and you will see the returned results.
    However, this is not user friendly to require people to manually add the * to the search term. We will need to do it automatically behind the scenes so the users don't even notice. We are faced with 2 challenges:

    1. Automatically adding the * to the term.
    2. Removing the * from the term when the results are displayed so the user does not notice.

    I have prepared 2 samples that will accommodate this scenario for you. They extend the Search and Search results widget.

    Please, find attached the sample widgets. Add them to your project, use Thunder to register them and use them instead of the default ones and test the functionality on a backup of your project.

    As part of the match the correct character is required. "I"with accent is not the same as i.

    Hopefully they will be the solution for your requirement.

    Atanas Valchev
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  • If I search with * included the results page does not show extract 

    Is the mising attached widget more or less what we have here?