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  • Can you remove forums from the top search bar on  I find it impossible to find anything.

    Like right now I just want to find the 6.2 roadmap for a customer (no need to give it to me, found it on twitter)...but I just get endless "roadmap" forum posts when I want a physical SF page.

  • Hi Steve,

    The "sort by freshness" option does the trick in this particular case but you are absolutely right that there has to be a filter for pages which are not dynamically created(like forums). We'll look into this in the next sprints. 

  • Oh nice workaround :) ...but yeah I just want to find sitefinity content, not forum posts, makes searching the site all but useless.  I trust your wizards, but just have them try to craft some sort of elegant solution instead of just block hiding dynamic pages :)

    Sidenote: Why do you guys keep unpublishing the old roadmaps?  Would it be the worst thing in the world to keep them around...or at least just always have the latest up at?
    (Just changing the page title)

    ...just falls of the searchable radar
    and the "Page" being at a different url every few months just throws its link juice out the window.

    I used to have it hard-linked on my site which I can't do anymore.

  • The page you can use for past releaes is this one - .I see it's a bit hidden so we'll link it from the roadmap page. The release notes are much more detailed than the roadmaps so this should work better.

    We'll address this with the search so forums can be included or pages are included in the filter. I've experienced this same issue in the past and this was a good reminder to address this.