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Page is locked by me?

  • Page is locked by me?
  • Hello -

    I am getting a pop-up with the message "The page is locked by [my user name]" when I create a new page and try to save or publish it. I've searched the forums and have seen similar posts but none of the solutions work. I am running 6.2.49. Any assistance or hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    • I have looked at a few forum entries including this one: They don't seem to be the same issue. In our case it looks like the service is being called, but is returning the locked by user message. 
    • I set the WorkflowBaseUrl in Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> System -> ServicePath to 
    • There is also an entry in LMHosts mapping the domain to I have also removed the read-only flag from all files in the web site.

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