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Additional URLs on Pages Return 404

  • Additional URLs on Pages Return 404
  •  Hello,


    We are maintaining a Sitefinity 6.0 website. There are pages from 2013 which have several additional URLs that return 404 - File or directory not found. If I add a new additional URL to the page it redirects to the original URL correctly. Furthermore I am not able to delete old URLs. What these pages have in common is that they have children which are all Group pages.


    Here is a temporary solution I have found. I have page A, which has children B and C. I create a copy of A called D. Then I change B and C's parent to D, delete A and add additional URLs to D - the same as the ones that A used to have. This however does not prevent further issues of that type. I wish to know the reason for redirection to fail and how it could be prevented.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    I am unable to reproduce this issue. Can you please elaborate further on the structure of the pages and the additional URLs they have. Are the pages you are setting the additional URLs to under a parent page or are on the root level? Do the child pages have additional URLs as well?

    Velizar Bishurov
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  • Hi,


    "Mellemlange videregående uddannelser" is at root level and has the following URL:


    "Allow multiple URLs for this page" is checked for this page.  All additional URLs redirect to the default one:ående-uddannelser

    Here are the Additional URLs:

    All but "~/new-alias" return 404. You can test that yourself.


    This page has a group page child called "Guide til reglerne for kopiering" and its URL is:


    Additional URL:


    The group page has a child "Hvad og hvor meget må du kopiere?" with URL:

    /mellemlange-videregående-uddannelser/guide-til-reglerne-for-kopiering/ hvad-og-hvor-meget-må-du-kopiere-
    Additional URL:


    You can see yourself that all additional URLs redirect to the original URLs except for the old additional URLs of the root page.




  • Hello,


    We found the reason for the issue. We have added Danish to the website and have made it the default language. When an additional URL is added to a page in Danish it is added to the [sf_url_data] table with culture 6. However the old additional URLs had culture 127. We changed the culture to 6 where the culture was 127. The old additional URLs started working. This is a bug in Sitefinity 6.0. I am not aware if it is fixed in newer versions.