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Return Code 0 when clicking on edit of a Content item.

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Return Code 0 when clicking on edit of a Content item.

  • Return Code 0 when clicking on edit of a Content item.
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    I have a module named Timeline. When I navigate to Content > Timeline & click on edit button of an item I get the following error: "The page at localhost:xx says Return Code 0"

    Image of browser's console error is attached: 

     Also, now I am unable to open the edit window of this content, however the window was opening a few moments earlier with this error being thrown randomly, but now it is not opening at all. The Sitefinity version written on the backend's footer is 7.2. The webiste is run through a published version deployed on local IIS 7+ with MSSqlServer2012 (local). I don't have access to code files of this project. Only the dlls are there. This project is built by someone else & I am just getting used to it and Sitefinity in general. 

    I have read this thread:

     Upgrading to some other version is not possible at the moment. Also the version is 7.2 which basically should be good according to the above thread. This issue was in Version 4 or so as far as I understand.  I scrolled through error.log file, but there I couldnt see an entry with today's timestamp. How can I get the real error behind this. Kindly help. I am new to this.


  • Actually this error is being thrown on every action I do through the backend. 

    I just added a new page and drag dropped a List content on body of the page & I got a return code 0 error. This must be some kind of configuration issue, I am new to Sitefinity. Kindly respond as this is an urgent issue. 

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    Now this is the error I get when I try to add any content element on a newly created page. Why is this happening. 
  • Now on production also I am getting this error in browser's console.


     Need your help guys. What to do. Getting return code 0 on almost every operation.  
  • Hello Zepp,

    Is it possible for you to attached the error logs?  Remove all the files under ~\<your project>\App_Data\Sitefinity\Logs\... , reproduce the case and provide the file/s generated in that folder or if you prefer you can open a support ticket where to attach them.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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