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  • Hi All,

    I'm hosting both corporate web site within single Sitefinity Instance thanks to multi-site feature.  For maintenance propose multi-site feature rocks since I can now have both web sites keep synchronized with updates/upgrades at once at same time I just take care of one single database (a simple failure recovery process).


    However I noticed that with Multisite environment you can access resources (not shared resources) from web site A but using the web site B URL.


    For instance, I have this image URL uploaded in one of our public sites  Notice that same image resource is accessible using a different domain (URL from our second web site hosted over same Sitefinity Instance)


    Now, this same behavior affects Sitefinity Sitemap, based on the fact that generated Sitemap URL is virtually the same path between web sites, except for the domain URL, so we have:



    But you end up downloading the same resource file (SmarterCommerce won over, I don't know why of this!)


    Is this a real bug?  Is this how sitefinity behaves as default with multi site feature ON?  or Is this something caused by a wrong setting somewhere on my environment/IIS settings?


    Thanks for your feedback.




  • Hi Carlos,

    The problem where different sites in multisite refer to the same sitemap file is a bug and the bug is already fixed in Sitefinity 8.2.5902.0

    For the case where same images are available in different sites is due to the libraries module providers are shared between the two sites in the sites management page.

    Stanislav Velikov
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