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Responsive classes not being removed

  • Responsive classes not being removed
  • If i got and created three (1,2,3) groups of rules under "Responsive & Mobile Design".

    I edit my page and set some layout sections to only show for rule set 1 and 2 but not 3. 

    Later i remove those rule sets and decide on 2 new ones (4,5).

    When i go to edit a layout section

    1. The old class rules are still in the field

    2.  AND had I in fact named them the same thing (1 and 2) these classes would also have a conflicting effect front end.

    This create all sorts of display problems.


    Either on removal of a rule set also remove the classes or "under the hood" the naming convention cannot be stored identically so group "One" that was created twice would have to be  "One" and "One_1"


  • Hi Ilan,

    We have a known issue related to this logged in our feedback portal:

    Fortunately, it is resolved in internal build 8.0.5717.0. Since experience the issue in your project it seems that your current Sitefinity version is older than 8.0.5717.0. If so, in order to resolve the issue upgrade your project to the latest internal build for Sitefinity 8.0 or directly to the latest Sitefinity version where the fix is also included.

    Here is the documentation article for more details about the upgrade procedure:

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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