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Custom Animated CSS Navigation not working

  • Custom Animated CSS Navigation not working
  • I created a animated navigation using css and javascript. As I was creating it, I tested in an html file. I attached the navigation to the theme so it automatically shows. It works perfectly in any browser in html but when I loaded into sitefinity the links that pop-out of the menu bar are not in the proper li and can be seen. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I have attached screenshots to better explain.

  • Hi Stephanie. You need to edit your widget template for navigation widget. Or you need to fix your CSS. Can you please share examples where everything is working in your html and example of existing problem. It will be easier to determine problem, when i will be able to see your css and html
  • Hey Victor. Yup I have attached images of the html as well as the master file I am using for the theme. I also attached the css file but unfortunately i had to take screenshots in parts.

  • I found the cause of the problem. The content is being blocked due to insecure content, I believe it is the javascript. Does anyone know how to fix it so it allows it to load.