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Overriding font-family with apply class dropdown

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Overriding font-family with apply class dropdown

  • Overriding font-family with apply class dropdown
  • I have created multiple classes, however there is one that I need the font-family to change, but this one does not show up in the drop-down menu. Why doesn't it work and is there a way to fix this? 


    @font-face <br>    font-family: "comic-book";<br>  src: url(~/Sitefinity/WebsiteTemplates/Template/App_Themes/template/Global/fonts/Comic-Book.otf);<br>   font-style: normal;<br> font-weight: normal;<br><br><br>.background <br>  background-color: purple;<br>   color: white;<br>   border: solid 5px blue;<br> font-family: "comic-book";<br>

  • Hi Stephanie. Your message looks unclear at all. Can you please provide more iinformation. As much as possible. And i will be glad to help you
  • Sorry thought I was being clear. I've been creating classes that are run through a stylesheet css file. I added them to the text editor xml in setting. Some classes are changing background color, border, etc. They show up and work perfectly find in the apply class drop-down in the content widget. However, one class has the property font-family (i.e action-comic) in it. The one class with the font-family change does not show up in the apply class dropdown. Is there a reason why it does not show up? Hopefully his is more clear.

  • Yes, this is clear, but is not enough. I can't predict your css, how you apply it and how you put classes. 

    It is easy to debug CSS issues with Developer Tools in any browser. As i understand (from your posts in this forum), you feel difficulties with that, write me to victor(dot)leontev(at)gmail.com and i'll show and explain to you how to debug this king of issues.