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Feather sf-html-field adding hyperlink

  • Feather sf-html-field adding hyperlink
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    I have created a custom widget that includes a sf-html-field within it.  All controls with the sf-html-field work except for Inserting a hyperlink.

    What happens is the following:

    1) I add text in the editor.

    2) I highlight the text to add a hyperlink

    3) I press the hyperlink button.

    4) The popover closes and a new popover doesn't get open.

    I did notice it seems to be related to my new widget as the functionality works on the content tool.

    I have included the error that it is throwing, but I am unable to isolate the issue to get it fixed. 

    Any direction would be helpful.


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    We ended up finding a solution to problem.  Basically the angular.js was not being called since we were programmatically loading the sf_html_editor.  The solution was found at the following url in the json file.