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Designer Toolbox Bug with Latest Chrome/Firefox

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Designer Toolbox Bug with Latest Chrome/Firefox

  • Designer Toolbox Bug with Latest Chrome/Firefox
  • Hello,

    Sitefinity version: 9.1.6100.0 PU

    We are getting a very serious and urgent issue on the Sitefinity designers when using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

    Attempting to drag any widget from the toolbox to the form/page results in serious JavaScript errors which cause the designer to stop working completely, as well as deleting the toolbox items!

    Here is a video of the error:

    Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'createEvent' on 'Document': The provided event type ('PointerEvent') is invalid.
        at Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.ZoneEditor._onToolboxDockDragStart


    We need this issue resolved ASAP, as it is not easy to rollback to earlier versions of these browsers!


  • Yes, very serious.  Confirmed in Sitefinity v8.2.5900.0 in Chrome v55.0.2883.87 from 12/9/2016 - haven't tested in Firefox.


    Edited to add:  The code that's failing suggests using IE may be a workaround.  Here are the relevant lines (the second is the one that fails):

    var hasVendorPrefix=/mspointer/i.test(eventType);

    var evt=document.createEvent(hasVendorPrefix?"MSPointerEvent":"PointerEvent");


    Edited to add 2:  Confirmed not an issue in IE 11, even though Microsoft announced the end of support for the "MS"-prefixed event object (it just returns the non-prefixed one now).  Also confirmed that it is an issue in FF 50.1.  In the case of Chrome and FF, the window object still exposes a PointerEvent method, but the document.createEvent method does not support an event type parameter of "PointerEvent".

  • Thank you for posting this here. I can confirm the issue also occurs in the latest Sitefinity 9.2.6210.0 with Chrome 55.0.2883.87. Indeed a hotfix is required asap. Firefox 50.1.0 works fine for me.

    This again shows how extremely important it is to thoroughly test all functionality of a website after upgrading Sitefinity, before deploying it to a live server.

    Did you submit a case to Support?

  • Yes, we created a case with Progress Sitefinity support.

    I will let you know if anything changes, as of now we are rolling back our browsers to continue development and advising all customers to not update their browser in the meantime.


  • Thanks Clinton.  Did they give you an estimated date for a fix to become available?
  • Arno, they haven't given me or any others an ETA as of yet.

    Lots of frustrated users on the bug report.

  • Thanks for the heads up. We're having the same issue which is causing us serious problems. Let us know when you hear anything back from Sitefinity. 


  • Same problem here. We're running two separate websites on version Sitefinity 9.1.6110.0 SE.
  • Hi Chris,

    This has been solved in the latest hotfix.