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Unable to send mail via SMTP

  • Unable to send mail via SMTP
  • We have an issue with sending email from our server. We used to sent successful with Gmail configuration but failed on our company. We tried with multiple parameters enabled or disabled (TLS, Anonymous users, port 587 and 25, SSL disabled on Sitefinity, specify domain or not on Sitefinity, etc…), and it always result in Remote(SocketError) on our logs.
    We have multiple other applications configured the exact same way (SharePoint, monitoring …) and they all work perfectly with the same method (basic SMTP on port 25). These info below used to configure. Do we need to check on anythings else or lack of any informations? Thanks. 
    Host: mail.comp.com 
    Port: 25 

    Username: our company email
    Domain: blank
    DeliveryMethod: Network
    EnableSSL: true
    Timeout: 10000
    PickupDirectoryLocation: blank
    DefaultSenderEmailAddress: blank