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Light self-cleaning paint

  • Light self-cleaning paint
  • Light self-cleaning paint Self-cleaning coating uses the most advanced photocatalytic self-cleaning principle and nanotechnology, in the light conditions, the active substances which will occur photocatalytic reaction, to produce a strong oxidizing ability of hydroxyl radicals can be decomposed oily pollutantsoutdoor deck light weight flooring
    And some inorganic matter. Light self-cleaning paint surface super-hydrophilic, water is easy to wet, so that dust, dust and other pollutants more easily washed away by the rain, and ultimately to the film anti-fouling, clean effect.Pest Resistant Wood Plastic Deck The use of light energy self-cleaning paint after the building will have this "self-cleaning" function, can significantly improve the anti-stain performance of the external walls, long-term decorative effect of the external walls, and clean air, Color,composite wood plastic price