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When editing content, users viewable area is shrunk.

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When editing content, users viewable area is shrunk.

  • When editing content, users viewable area is shrunk.
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    User is running IE 11.0.9600.18617 Update 11.0.40 on Windows 7. We're on Sitefinity 9.2.6227.0.

    Two of our contents creators are experiencing this problem. When they go to edit a news item or a page, they've ran into an issue where the page only takes up about a quarter of the browser window (see attached; the blank area below is still part of the browser window, and notice the scroll bar to the right). This only happens when they edit a  page or a news item (the only two tested so far). If they are viewing the list of pages or news items, everything renders fine.

    This happened after they had an upgrade for a handful of Adobe products pushed out to their PC's. I can't confirm that it's related, though it certainly seems that way.

    We've tried resizing the screen, adding/removing the site from compatibility view, disabling add-on's, restarting the PC, and clearing the cache. 

    We did notice that if we went into Developer Tools in IE via F12, switch the rendering mode (I'm not sure what you call it) from 10 to Edge, it works. Anything else leaves us with only a quarter of the screen being used to render the whole page. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to force Edge mode all the time.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how we can fix this?

  • Identical issue here, running IE 11.953.14393.0 Update 11.0.40 on Windows 10. We're on Sitefinity 6.1.4700.0. 

    Issue is similar to one we experienced with our Cobalt/RAMCO CRM database after the last IE update, which was fixed by Cobalt. It's very difficult to work in the tiny window, the site doesn't play well with Chrome, and Firefox no longer supports Silverlight, so I have no alternatives. 

    Please update ASAP with fix info? 

  • I think you are having the same issue in the thread I responded to earlier:



    We had users experience the shortened, cut-off window in Sitefinity and another CRM tool we use.  The common things between the two tools we use was a widget with a Telerik control and IE 11.  For us the MS update resolved our issue, for now at least.

  • ALA, at first glance it certainly sounds like the same issue. Thank you you for posting this. I completely missed the other thread!