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Cannot use control panel of our website

  • Cannot use control panel of our website
  • we can just login to control panel but error for all feature we can not do any things..

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    like this?
  • Hi Amer,

    Can you please open developer console in google chrome and then refresh the page. Then find 404 request in Networks tab and send us info. It will give us more details to debug

  • I guess you are using IIS as web server for your application. Can you please confirm that you installed all modules and features for IIS correctly (documentation is here:

    Maybe HTTP Activation or something similar, which is needed for WCF services was not installed. And IIS is returning 404 error, when someone is trying to call *.svc

  • same error after follow steps..
  • DisplayName : Windows Process Activation Service Support
    DisplayName : TCP Activation
    DisplayName : Named Pipes Activation
    DisplayName : File Services
    DisplayName : File Server
    DisplayName : Web Server (IIS)
    DisplayName : Web Server
    DisplayName : Common HTTP Features
    DisplayName : Static Content
    DisplayName : Default Document
    DisplayName : Directory Browsing
    DisplayName : HTTP Errors
    DisplayName : HTTP Redirection
    DisplayName : Application Development
    DisplayName : ASP.NET
    DisplayName : .NET Extensibility
    DisplayName : ASP
    DisplayName : CGI
    DisplayName : ISAPI Extensions
    DisplayName : ISAPI Filters
    DisplayName : Health and Diagnostics
    DisplayName : HTTP Logging
    DisplayName : Request Monitor
    DisplayName : Security
    DisplayName : Basic Authentication
    DisplayName : Windows Authentication
    DisplayName : Request Filtering
    DisplayName : IP and Domain Restrictions
    DisplayName : Performance
    DisplayName : Static Content Compression
    DisplayName : Management Tools
    DisplayName : IIS Management Console
    DisplayName : IIS Management Scripts and Tools
    DisplayName : Management Service
    DisplayName : IIS 6 Management Compatibility
    DisplayName : IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
    DisplayName : IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
    DisplayName : IIS 6 Scripting Tools
    DisplayName : IIS 6 Management Console
    DisplayName : FTP Server
    DisplayName : FTP Service
    DisplayName : FTP Extensibility
    DisplayName : .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features
    DisplayName : .NET Framework 3.5.1
    DisplayName : WCF Activation
    DisplayName : HTTP Activation
    DisplayName : Non-HTTP Activation
    DisplayName : Desktop Experience
    DisplayName : Ink and Handwriting Services
    DisplayName : Ink Support
    DisplayName : Remote Differential Compression
    DisplayName : Remote Server Administration Tools
    DisplayName : Role Administration Tools
    DisplayName : Web Server (IIS) Tools
    DisplayName : Windows Process Activation Service
    DisplayName : Process Model
    DisplayName : .NET Environment
    DisplayName : Configuration APIs

  • can't update our website since 6 months bad satisfaction..


  • Did you restart IIS after this steps?

    And can you please execute this command in powershell (It will print all installed roles and features in your server)

    Import-module servermanager ; Get-WindowsFeature | where-object $_.Installed -eq $True | format-list DisplayName


    And send me the result

  • any update need help
  • What i can suggest, is to ask Telerik Support to check what's wrong with IIS server. For some reason IIS is not processing *.svc requests.