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License Activation Works Periodically!

  • License Activation Works Periodically!
  • Hi all,

    Really hope someone can help me here, I've read this thread and posted there a few days ago, but no replies, so I'm opening a new thread in the hope someone has an answer or at the very least some guidance/suggestions

    My original post.....

    I have exactly the same problem on a 6.1.4300.0 community edition that I have had installed since 2011. I have NO CONTROL over the .net updates on the server and I see there are no hot-fixes for any version less than 7.0.

    What am I to do here?

    I'm under the impression I cannot update the current community version to anything above what I have without requiring a paid license, therefore I can't acquire a hotfix.
    I desperately need some information, guidance or preferably a resolution here!

    Any help is appreciated :)

  • Anyone?
  • Hi Jodie

    I'm in the same boat as you. Having a few web sites out there for customers that are on 6.3500 that are not working anymore. As they are hosted on a public hoster I also have no control over the updates that are installed.

    That Telerik leaves us out in the rain, is not really acceptable.

  • I agree, this isn't acceptable at all and to not even get a response really makes me question my ongoing loyalty to the product including my paying customers. Time to find a new CMS I think.....