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Widget toolbox Issue

  • Widget toolbox Issue
  • **EDIT**  I just realized it is a known bug with latest Chrome version (www.sitefinity.com/.../designer-toolbox-bug-with-latest-chrome-firefox)

    Hi, I am developing a page but recently I have  been facing an issue and not sure why it is happening.

    When editing a page, on the drag widgets toolbox at the right, When I drag any widget, that widget becomes no longer draggable from the toolbox and leaves an empty space on it until I refresh the page-editor page. This will cause problems on the end-user when using the CMS because he/she won't know whats happening, I can handle it with just duplicating the element. But I guess that this should not be happening.

    For example. I want to drag a Content Block, I drag it, and once I have dragged it, on toolbox, the Content Block widget is not visible and I can't use it, so to make more than one content block I have to duplicate the one I have just created it...

    In addition, when I double click on a widget in the toolbox, it gets totally removed from the sandbox like if it does not even exist.

    I attached some screenshots of both issues, any help is appreciated