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New Error After Upgrade from 7.3 to 9.2

  • New Error After Upgrade from 7.3 to 9.2
  • We have a place we use a RadLightBox.  Before the upgrade, we did not have any issues with it.  Now we get the error "ItemsCounterFormatString should have one or two format placeholders!".  I have done a solution wide search for ItemsCounterFormatString and it is not anywhere in the solution.   It happens as soon as we try to do anything with the LightBox control.  For instance:

    var memberLightBox = $find('<%= MemberLightBox.ClientID %>');

    It will also happen if I make the control Client ID static and just access it that way.

  • For anyone interested, this has been resolved.  We inherited this site from another dev company.  They used the RadLightBox in multiple locations.  My guess is that ItemsCounterFormatString was optional in 7.2, but became mandatory sometime after that.  Just adding the attribute with a placeholder in the value to the object markup fixed it.  Junior with Progress helped me find the problem, and I really appreciate his help.