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Upload images loading for ever

  • Upload images loading for ever
  • Good day

    This is in chrome (have not tested in others yet)

    The first time I click on upload image the page dispalys correct. If I go back and click on it again the loading is not centered like the first time (sorry cut of half by the video) but on top and turning for ever.


  • Hello Markus,

    Can you try to replicate the issue with other browsers -say FireFox. When the first time you request the dialog we download the Silverlight xap file and instantiate the client object. I suppose that there is some problem with the xap. Can you observe the HTTP Request and Response to see which request gets blocked.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  • Back to testing :-)


    It does not happen in IE in Opera it seem the second time it will not show, but if I resize the window just a bit it will show imediately.

    Am I the only one with such stuff.

  • Dear Ivan does that help



    PS: I checked with my provider yesterday and it seems every thing is set up correctly. However image uploads still are not working.