Business Entities created in Progress Developer Studio use a prescriptive approach to provide support for CRUD operations.

Business Entities can use the JSON Filter Pattern to extend the capabilities of the READ method and support paging and sorting.

This is done by using a JSON object as the filter string parameter of the READ method.

The properties of the JSON object are considered parameter to the query.

The JSON Filter Pattern uses the following property in the JSON object to support additional capabilities:

  • ablFilter: Filtering of records.
  • id: Search by id.
  • top: Used for paging.
  • skip: Used for paging.
  • orderBy: Used for sorting.


Search using a filter and sorting with page size 20 and skipping 5 pages.

{"ablFilter": "CustNum < 50", "top": "20", "skip": 5, "orderBy": "CustNum" }

Search using "id":

{"id": "0x12345" }

Sample Business Entities