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API Call Limits


API Call Limits

  • What defines an API call when considering counting toward limits?....Is it only when you make a call to get a session ID?.... or is it ANY and ALL calls, even with the same Session ID? Also, why is Rollbase so stringent with API call limits per hour? The 200 per hour call limit is not sufficient when dealing with multiple reports that are being updated constantly.

  • Any REST and SOAP call is counted towards the limit. The initial call to get a session id is not counted, but all subsequent ones are. Limiting API per hour is a standard practice followed by multi-tenanted SaaS/PaaS systems to have optimum performance and availability for all customers. Refer www.progress.com/.../rollbase-hosted-cloud for Pricing Plans and their limits. Please contact Sales for increasing your limits.

  • Is the API limit per user, or is it our entire account?

  • Entire Account

  • oh poo poo, that sucks!

  • Is it possible to pay for additional API calls for a specific user only? Does customer support have a email?