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An Idea for Rollbase Evaluation


An Idea for Rollbase Evaluation

  • I'm working on installing RB on my desktop W7 system, and thought it'd be nice if I could d/l an image of a Linux system w/RB pre-installed. Then I could do my local sandbox demo on a captive desktop, and not have to worry about all the complexities of getting Tomcat installed, etc. 

  • You're more than welcome to post this on the Idea section of the community. That said, it is now much faster to install Rollbase now that there is an automatic installer that will install the app server and the database for you.

  • Where is the "ideas" section?

  • You may find the idea section here.

  • In the "Business" section?? Come on...

  • Believe it or not I am serious. The Ideas section is the place Progress customers are redirected when they want to ask for product enhancements. And Product Managers are expected to monitor those.

  • Then this needs to made clearer to non-business users. If you priorities making "life easy" for the Production Managers at the expense of your customers needing to be Sherlock Holmes, then the customers aren't going to participate.

    At the very least put a "sticky" at the top of the group "ideas for upgrades and enhancements can be proposed _here_".

  • As we speak, we are reviewing our UI for our next Community phase. It's already obvious to all/most of us that Ideas have to be more visible as it's a great additional functionality compared to our old forum...

    Once we have scoped the UI changes we'd like to make, then we can come up with a better approach... It probably should be available at the navigation level (next to home/forum/wiki/docs).