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Searching whitepaper about external objects in Rollbase that map to Appserver API's


Searching whitepaper about external objects in Rollbase that map to Appserver API's

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Last week at the Exchange we learned that Rollbase allows to create external objects, that don't map to a database table using SQL, but instead map to CRUD methods in the Appserver (via REST-server). There is a whitepaper describing how this is done.

I am now assigned to do a POC/Prototype so I am searching for this whitepaper, really need it in a hurry. But can't find it. Please can someone point me to the location of that whitepaper?



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  • I do not believe the specific white paper you mention exists, but there are ones that are similar or related.  I know that at Exchange 2013, there were dozens of sessions with information on whitepapers, roadmaps, and features, so there could be some confusion.  I hope this straightens this out -- I will say that I have not been involved with every white paper, but I have been a reviewer on many of them.

    Related Whitepapers:

    • White Paper: Accessing the OpenEdge AppsServer from Rollbase using Object Script
      • see:
      • This describes invoking business logic on the AppServer from Rollbase server or client coding.  You can use this to invoke CRUD operations defined in an OpenEdge Mobile Business Entity or any RESTful interface as well as invoking generic business logic methods, but this does not automatically create Rollbase Objects.
      • This whitepaper was posted on October 18, 2013.
    • Accessing the Progress OpenEdge AppServer from Progress Rollbase Using the JSDO
      • See: or
      • This is a whitepaper on the main Progress site, not Community, that describes how to integrate the JSDO from OpenEdge Mobile onto your Rollbase web client application.   (As noted in the thread, this is not what is requested because it is client-side access, not binding the JSDO to Rollbase server Objects.)
      • This is an older paper that was published in July/Aug 2013and works with older Rollbase instances (but is also a good description of how to use the OpenEdge Mobile JSDO with any generic web framework)
    • Calling ABL Business Logic from Rollbase via OpenClient 
      • This shows how to take Java Proxy and other OpenClient classes and use those in Rollbase Object Script.  

    The specific question in this thread is about creating Rollbase Objects tied to OpenEdge data structures.  

    • Creating Rollbase Objects tied to OpenEdge Database Tables is possible in the October Rollbase Release (v2.0).
      • This is not a white paper -- but rather a standard feature of Rollbase (as noted above in other responses)
      • See:
    • Creating Rollbase Objects tied to OpenEdge AppServer Business Entities 
      • This was released in December (v2.1).  This is a product feature, not a white paper.
      • What was announced at Exchange 2013 was the ability to create Rollbase Objects from DataDirect Cloud datasources, such as

    (and apologies to anyone who gets this response as an unwanted mail message ;-)

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  • Note that the above whitepaper shows how to call the AppServer using JSON and the rbv_api.sendJSONRequest() method in Rollbase.

    If you are 'on-premise' and want to call the AppServer from Rollbase using OpenClient APIs, then there is a second whitepaper, "Calling ABL Business Logic from Rollbase via OpenClient" at: