I met with a potential client today (not in their premises) who currently uses the CRM section of NetSuite to run their business. We are proposing to replace that with Rollbase. One important aspect of their use of NetSuite is e-mail. As I understood it they can e-mail from NetSuite OK. They then said that when they get a reply to that e-mail it arrives back into Outlook but has some 'code' attached to it that somehow 'informs' NetSuite of the email details. They are then able to see both the e-mail they sent from NetSuite and the response (which is actually in Outlook). I do not know what happens to incoming e-mail that is not a response to something that went out from NetSuite in the first place. I am going to visit them in their premises in about 3 weeks and will see everything in action at that point. However if there is any marketing/technical information regarding NetSuite vs Rollbase that is available I would appreciate getting a copy. I know Rollbase handles outgoing e-mail OK and have do