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Announcements to users


Announcements to users

  • I'm currently looking for a way to have announcements appear across all tenants/customers to all logins every time they log on. It's preferred that the announcement stays at the top of the screen at all times during their login session regardless of page or role. is there currently a way to make his happen? If not permanently, then is there a way to do it temporarily?
  • Micah,

    There is currently no way to broadcast messages to users. This is something we would like to add someday but currently do not have specific plans for it.

    The closest thing I can recommend is to use custom JS code in a custom sidebar component of your app(s) to render a message at the top of the page. This would involve custom code and you could program it to hide/show the message based on a Checkbox field on the User object. Just an idea of how you might approach this if it is a critical feature you need to add to your app(s).