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"Lookup related field" can not be use in conversion maps


"Lookup related field" can not be use in conversion maps

  • Hello, We can use related fields in conversion maps. This is great! However, "lookup type" related field can not be used in conversion maps. Is this an issue, a technical limitation ? Do you think you can add this new possibility in a future version ? I guess this would make sense. Thank you. Matthieu
  • If two objects A and B both have relationship to a third object (say, C) and you wish to convert A to B - you have an option to transform relationship with C from A to B.

    As for Related fields - what exactly do you propose?
  • Hello Pavel,

    Sorry my explanations were not very clear. Here below a example.

    There is a relationship between the objet A and B and between B and C. One to one relationship only.

    On the other side, there is relationship between A and Z and between Z and C. One to one relationship only.

    We create a related field on A that gets C from B. So this is a "lookup" related field.

    We want to create a conversion map between A and Z. We would like to be able to use this related field to field up the relationship between Z and C.

    Hope it is clearer.

    Do you think this would make sense and technically possible ?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Pavel,

    Any news on this subject ?

    Are my explanations clear enough ?

    This works with text or date related fields for example. I guess it can work with relationship related fields.

    Hope this will be ok for you. Thank you Pavel.

  • I'll take a look.
  • Hi Matthieu,

    I would suggest creating a direct relationship between A and C (using B as reference).

    - After create/update of object A records you may get the ID from the related B record (trigger - on field change of B).

    - After create/update of object B records you'll need to relate A to C (trigger - on field change of C).

    - After create/update of C records, you'll need to relate A to C through B (trigger - on field change of B).

    Using this, you may directly map C to Z upon firing the Conversion Map.

    I know this is what you weren't exactly looking for but this would achieve the same results.

    Hope this helps,

    Piscoso, Martin

  • Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your help. This is the point ! Actually, we want to avoid this. We would like to avoid creating a new relationship with triggers just to use it in conversion maps. Especially if we have to do that several times.

    As we can use the other types of related fields (date, text ...) in conversion maps, I guess it would be logical/consistent if we could use lookup related fields too.

    Related fields is a great feature to avoid to set up relationships and triggers everywhere.

    Hope this will be ok for the Rollbase Team.


  • Have you tried mapping a "Formula" field returning the value of C on A from B to Z ? haven't tried if this will work but Formula fields work for Integer fields on data maps, and Lookups are int fields so hopefully this will work? :)

    Hope this helps
  • I have just tried but actually, we can not use formulas to map a lookup field in conversion maps. Even if the formula returns a integer.

    Too bad ...
  • I see, too bad indeed.

    Have you treid template texts? they work for Text / Text Area fields, they "might" work for Lookups.

    Don't know yet though..
  • Do not work neither.

    Can not use template texts for lookup fields in conversion maps ...