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Welcome to Rollbase template


Welcome to Rollbase template

  • Private cloud ISV: I don't have an email template with 'welcome to Rollbase' in my customer object. Even if there is no email template in my customer object, the system send an email to the new customer after record creation only with loginname, password and login url info. Where is the original template stored or where should it be stored and how can I restore the original situation when the template is missing? Remark: the template is available in the user object and works fine for creating new ISV partners.
  • Hi Freddy,

    The default "Rollbase" application in your Private Cloud environment has a User object. This Object has email templates that define the Welcome to Rollbase email as well as the Password Reset email. Modify those and republish the app, make sure existing Customers get those updated templates in their User objects. Any new customers will automatically use the new template when the system sends a Welcome email.

    We should add this information to our Chapter 17 documentation.