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Issue with Actions column on a list view


Issue with Actions column on a list view

  • I have a list view of related records on a portal View page. There are several list views for several related objects on this same portal page. On one of the related object list views, the edit link is not showing up in the actions column. Really with the appropriate permissions set, the actions column is not showing up at all. I have changed MANY things in testing. 1) I re-created the relationships with the parent objects 2) Created a new view (portal visitor has view permissions and actions is turned on) 3) Removed the list view from the portal page and added it back 4) Opened up the permissions on the child object. Basically I gave every role - all permission. 5) I have compared all object settings, relationships, permissions with the related objects that do have the actions column showing. Could it be something with the object creation? Help!!!
  • I would like to add that I can use the portal link to the Edit page for the related object in question to edit, save, etc. so obviously my permissions allow me this functionality.
  • Please try my test portal

    You can see that Edit and Del links are there and work as expected.

    Please verify that you have created Edit page - otherwise system cannot construct a link.
  • Yes, I have created an edit page and am able to access it via a portal link. My problem here is that I am unable to see Edit on the Actions column on the Related Records list view. (only on one of 5 related objects. the rest are correct)

    I do have the correct permissions, as I am able to edit via a link.

    This issue is related to one object.

  • You can see from these two screen shots, one list view has an Edit and the other does not. They have the exact same relationships, permissions, etc. These are located on the same page.

    I have created portal Add/Edit/View for both related objects.
  • Please make sure that 'Show "Actions" column in this view' is checked for your View.
  • Yes, of course it is.
  • Pavel, I promise I do not post questions here until I have tried everything.
  • I'm out of ideas, perhaps Matt can figure this out.
  • Parker,

    Could you give me an account, i'll take a look at your portal setup.

    email me at


  • Additionally,

    Is the EFNH Details a generic page? Or might it be a related list view?

    Could you kindly check if you create a generic page and place the list view of EFNH Details there, would the actions come out? If this is the case, it might be because it is a related list view

    - Just a hunch.

    Piscoso, Martin

  • Hi Parker,

    It sounds like you may have already looked for this but just need to make sure: Can you verify in the Portal Visitor has "Edit" permissions on the EFNH object?

    If this or Martin's suggestion doesn't shed any light on the issue, perhaps we can connect outside of the forum to login to your system and take a look?


  • Matt and Martin,

    Thanks for responding. Matt, it might require us to hook up offline to look at. Since we are a private cloud version, I am not sure how to give a login to one of our customer zones.

    I did also create a generic portal page and add the EFNH list view to that page. I see all records created but no Edit link.

    I actually gave all roles full permissions to everything. When I do that the actions column shows up but edit does not.


    Portal Page:

  • OK one more thing to verify before we dive into accessing your environment: Can you verify that you have a Portal page in this portal of type "Edit Object" for the EFNH object? If there is no Edit page for EFNH records in the portal, the Edit link may not appear.