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Function rbf_showOrHideField(fieldName, showField) do not work anymore


Function rbf_showOrHideField(fieldName, showField) do not work anymore

  • Hello, In the last version, the function rbf_showOrHideField(fieldName, showField) dot not work anymore when showField is equal to true. Found on Internet Explorer 6 and 8 and Google Chrome too. It is possible that on Google Chrome, it was not working before. Thank you for your help. Regards, Matthieu Baudin
  • Hi Matthieu,

    This function was recently updated, I will take a look thanks for letting us know.


  • It has no effect for showField=true unless called first with showField=false.

    This API has strange visual effects otherwise.
  • Hello Pavel,

    I agree with you. showField=true has no effect unless called first with showField=false

    So if I use the function with showField=false, the field disappears. It is ok.

    An then, if I use the function with showField=true, the field do not appear.

    In the previous versions, it worked well. We did not get this problem.

    Now, it does not work anymore.

    We use this functionnality a lot on many screens. We can not make any business presentations anymore. If you could fix this issue as soon as possible, that would be great !

    Thank you for you help.
  • OK, I'll try to run updates tonight.
  • This issue has been addressed in this week's update (April 27th, 2012)
  • Hello,

    On my ISV Partner account, it is now written : Version 3.6 Release Date 27/04/2012.

    But I still get the issue as before.

    Nothing has changed.

    I'm on Internet Explorer 8.

    Thank you.

  • Try refresh your browser's cache.
  • Hello Pavel,

    The issue is still here.

    The issue is easy to reproduce. I have made tests on internet Explorer 6, 8, Firefox 3 and Google chrome 18.

    I am afraid we are now in a hurry. Our applications can not be used anymore !

    Thank you for your quickly help.


  • I can try to restore old version of this API in next release.

    But this API is deprecated and we do not recommend using it. HTML structure prevents fields from being easily shown/hidden.
  • Hi,

    While you are waiting for the rollback, you may use this for the meantime.

    This is my custom showorhide which we use and tested on ie chrome and ff

    var d=document;

    function c__showHide(field,flag) {

    //M.PISCOSO - Custom Show Hide (overrides field show hide)

    //Created - 02-11-2011

    var mode, label;

    if (String(navigator.appVersion).indexOf('MSIE 7.0') == -1) { mode = 'table-cell'; } else { mode = 'block'; }

    try {

    field = new String(field); label = "rbi_L_" + field; field = "rbi_F_" + field;

    if (flag == true) {

    d.getElementById(field).style.display = mode;

    d.getElementById(label).style.display= mode;

    } else {

    d.getElementById(field).style.display = "none";

    d.getElementById(label).style.display= "none";


    } catch(e) { throw e.message + " " + field; }


    Same usage with the standard, just change function name to c__showHide.

    Hope this helps.

    Piscoso, Martin

  • Pavel, Martin,

    I think it is a good idea to restore the old version of this API in next release. Thank you. When do you plan to set up the next release ?

    Martin, thank you for your code. Actually, it does not work for all field types in all navigator versions especially for IE. Indeed, HTML structure prevents fields from being easily shown/hidden. I have seen many discussions on this topic on forums especially with IE.

    Pavel, can you send to me the code of the old version you are going to restore. I'll try to write a version of this function which will work on all navigators on most field types.

    We use this function a lot.

    Thank you for your help.

  • hello,

    what specific fields are not working? we've actually tested this until Ie5 and havent had troubles with this yet, ofcourse this includes chrome and ff. we in turn use this custom code on most if not all of our deployments. :-)

    Thank you,

    Piscoso, Martin

  • Hello,

    There is probably something I don't understand or my code is simply wrong.

    I have created an simple example in Pavel environnement.

    Application Test 1.

    Tab HideOrShow

    Menu "New hideOrShow".

    It does not work on at least IE8 and FF3.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Hi,

    In this new environment, which showorhide did you use? The standard or custom one? as mentioned by Pavel, have you tried clearing your cache and cookies so that you'll be able to download the updated files from Rollbase?

    Kindly give more info if you may please.

    Piscoso, Martin