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Adding extensions to the phone number field


Adding extensions to the phone number field

  • When I add phone numbers with extensions into the CRM, I cannot format the phone number field to show those extensions apart from the main number. For example, I want it to show (123)123-1234 ext 567, but instead that gets automatically-formatted to (123)123-1234567. I know other solutions allow for this. Can this be added?
  • hi,

    you should probably add another field for extensions. phone number fields are exclusive for numbers and it's format.


    Piscoso, Martin

  • In Salesforce, Zoho, and other CRMs, this is normal functionality. We are formally requesting that extensions be incorporated into the phone number field.
  • hi again,

    sorry for the mislead, I've retested the phone number field and you can use a phone format like such:

    (###)###-#### ext. ####


    Piscoso, Martin

  • Hi Riley, for formal enhancement requests can you log a ticket in the support ticketing system so we have information about who you are, what customer you are with, how to contact you, etc.


  • Sorry, Matt. Of course, will do.