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[Inquiry] Related-Dependent Object Picklists, CSS stylesheets, RB Calendar, Grid Control


[Inquiry] Related-Dependent Object Picklists, CSS stylesheets, RB Calendar, Grid Control

  • Can we change the display of the related-dependent object picklist (main-link lookups) to a regular lookup field with view control in its selector page if possible to add more filters and utilize Org. Management rather than a picklist/multi-select picklist? It seems to be a hassle to have to teach the user that he/she needs to press shift/ctrl in a multi-select picklist especially if said field has lots of records. Another option could be the addition of a dynamic field like - record selected by users - which can be used as a view filter e.g. record selected by users > is one of > current user. I think this would emulate the same effect as stated above ^_^. Also, could we also have the feature to append our own CSS on top of the default rollbase stylesheets per zone? I personally like the silvertheme but would like to tweak it in a manner that would suit our clients. Could we also be able to change the CSS classes on a per field and per section level? preferably in the page editor if possible. This coul
  • Hi Martin,

    These are all interesting ideas. Let me try to address them one by one.

    1. The related-dependent picklist is a complex field to filter, which is why we display it as a multiselect rather than a lookup field (because the popup window would need to be filtered accordingly). We should investigate whether this is feasible. Can you submit a support ticket on this?

    2. You can use your own CSS today by doing the following:

    a. Create your CSS and upload it as a Hosted File

    b. Edit the "Onload" event for any page where you want to use this CSS and add style code there to enable that stylesheet.

    (You can get to the place where you can add Onload event code by going to your object definition and scrolling down to the "Pages" section, and click "Onload" next to the relevant page)

    3. Regarding adding styles to fields, you could do this in the page's onload event as well. Is there a situation where this would not work for you?

    4. The calendar page is non-editable today. Can you submit a suppor
  • Hi Matt,

    I've done a pseudo-solution for #1, here's what I did - on a Page, I have two lookup fields - A and B - B being dependent. B is hidden onload and when onchange of A fires, I check the currently selected item if it has dependents on B, if it does, I assign the ownership of the items in B to the current user (contactOwner field).

    I then used the filter - contactOwner equals current_user, to make the data in the list view dynamic.

    Although my solution works, it currently does so for only 1 User (cardinality of contactOwner) - I hope this can help you guys in finding a better solution that what I did. =)

    I've also actually done what you answered / suggested for #2 and #3 on many of our Rollbase projects. It's just that for every page, I have to script just to link my CSS and give custom classes to the standard Rollbase fields, it would help us very much if we could just configure the appending of custom CSS classes, e.g. In Account Settings, there would possibly be a file upload field which wil
  • I completely agree on the request to be able to change the look and feel across an application. The standard theme is pretty good, but we have some conventions which we have followed for years which work better for us. For instance, we never have the field names in a heavier font or style than the content. The content is what is important. The field names should be almost forgettable, especially for a familiar users. We find it makes for MUCH less eye stress and clutter, and faster data viewing and entry. Little things like that really help. Also of course there are company, division, or object colors we like to match so that users know where they are at a glance, without having to search for and read some sidebar or breadcrumbs. Your platform and logic is so amazingly thorough from a logic standpoint. It would be REALLY wonderful to be able to do some basic formatting of text and color for presentation.
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  • Hi Martin,

    You need to submit support requests from any zone in Rollbase.com (not private instance). That is the best way to get something on our radar.

    On #1 I think I would have to see a video or demo of what you have done to understand the issue.

    Regarding #2 and #3 - custom CSS - I understand what you (and David Simmons) are looking for and I will discuss this with Pavel. We may be able to provide a way for you to upload one or more CSS files that get used throughout Rollbase (except for Portals, which are managed separately)

    Regarding #6 I still don't understand what you are looking for in the GC? Can you submit a support request on this ideally with a screenshot/mockup of what you are looking for? This would be a big help.

    Regarding field-level validation rules in GCs, this isn't possible because GC rows are added using JavaScript on the client side and field-level validation rules only run when the "Save" button on the record is clicked. This means that you need to build validation into
  • Hi Matt,

    Again, thanks for reviewing my messages,

    For #1 : I will provide a step-by-step screenshot walkthrough of what I have done to emulate the process of dependent object-lookup fields.

    For #2 and #3: I'm very excited to hear from you guys what options you will be able to provide us regarding these ^_^ - I think this will also encompass the Calendar page if its a Global CSS file so no worries for #4.

    For #5 - Calendar in Portal, kindly confirm if this would be possible? - also excited with this one. - Another followup on this could be the inclusion of the Quick Create feature on our portals? and maybe Save & Sync from the Native Rollbase app (backend) spanning to the portal pages? <

    For #6 - I will be providing screenshots of the current and the ideal scenarios as well :)

    As for field-level Validation rules in our GCs, how about adding a validation section in the GC config pages? currently, we are given the choice of f
  • What is the status of using calendar in portals?
  • No word yet from Rollbase US regarding these ideas (including calendar in portal)


    Piscoso Martin

    Rollbase PH
  • Hi Martin,

    I will get back to you on these, some are in progress. We are working on the ability to upload a custom CSS as a Hosted File and use that as your main CSS (in Account Settings). Will let you know once this feature is released.


  • Sweet :) very excited.

    Piscoso Martin
  • This feature is planned for the coming weekend's release
  • Again, Sweet :) haha

    Great Job Matt and Pavel

    Very excited,

    Piscoso Martin

    Rollbase PH
  • Hi Matt and Pavel,

    The ability to add CSS was added in this week's release?

    Kindly guide me to it's location within Rollbase. ^_^

    Thank you very much,

    Piscoso Martin

    Rollbase PH
  • Hi Martin,

    1. Upload a CSS file as a Hosted File

    2. Go to Administrative Settings > Account Settings

    3. Select your CSS hosted file instead of one of the Rollbase defaults

    Also see Appendix D here for info on classes: